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    Your Information. Your Rights. Our Responsibilities.

    As a Medicare member you have certain rights and responsibilities when it comes to your health information. You are entitled information that helps you make the most of your benefits. Here you will find your Rights and responsibilities statements, low income subsidy, and more.

    Member Rights and Responsibilities

    The rights and responsibilities statement reminds members and healthcare providers of their roles in maintaining a productive relationship. You also have certain responsibilities such as learning about your health benefit plan. Know your rights and responsibilities. It can help you understand and utilize your health plan.

    Learn your Rights and Responsibilities Statement

    Appointment of Representative-Appoint another person to act on your behalf.
    Appointment of Representative Form

    Low Income Subsidy (LIS)

    You may be eligible for a Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) or “extra help” to pay for prescriptions, co-pays, and deductibles.

    State by State Low Income Subsidy

    Disenrollment Form– Request disenrollment from your healthcare plan.
    Request Disenrollment Form

    If you have a medical emergency, please dial 911

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