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    Do you need additional dental, vision, and hearing services on top of your normal Medicare coverage? If you are located in the Raleigh, NC area, Clear Spring Health offers Medicare Advantage plan options with robust medical coverage and broad provider networks. With so many types of Medicare Advantage and supplement options out there, it’s hard to know what plan is right for you. Our team is here to help, and we’re just a phone call away.

    If you’re looking for a Medicare Advantage plan, you can use the search by zip code function below to get started. If you want additional Medicare resources such as transportation or adult care services in Raleigh, NC, read more below.

    Medicare Advantage plans in Raleigh, NC provide basic medical coverage as well as additional benefits like prescription drug coverage, and vision, dental, and hearing health care. Last year, over 52,000 people enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans in the Raleigh, NC area.

    In Raleigh, NC, you can choose between 18 unique Medicare Advantage plans from 7 insurance providers. These plans include:

    You can also find four different types of Medicare Advantage plans to match your healthcare needs. Your options include:

    • HMO: Health Maintenance Organization plans offer no/low monthly premiums. These plans are best for people accessing in-network care.
    • PPO: Preferred Provider Organization plans often have higher premiums and greater flexibility. They make it easy to access both in- and out-of-network providers.
    • Regional PPO: Regional PPO plans are similar to local PPO plans, but they offer coverage throughout the state.
    • MSA: Medicare Savings Account plans place your healthcare funds into a savings account. You can choose how you want to spend the funds, and access the services you need from providers your trust.
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    Transportation Services

    If you don’t have your own vehicle, it can be hard to get from point A to point B. Many Medicare Advantage plans include transportation benefits, and the city of Raleigh is making it easy to get around.

    Whether you need a ride to a doctor’s appointment, or need to get across town, GoWake offers door-to-door services. This shared ride service is available for Raleigh residents over the age of 60 or those who have a disability. Your Medicare Advantage plan may cover transportation costs, or you can use the service for $2 to $4 per ride. Call GoWake for more information at 919-212-7005.

    You can also contact the Department of Transportation for further assistance: 1-800-662-7030.

    Adult Care Services

    Raleigh, NC has a number of adult care services to provide ongoing care to older residents. Your Medicare Advantage plan can provide coverage for adult day centers as well as in-home care.

    Adult Day Centers

    If you need a place to go during the day, adult day centers are a great option. They offer structured daytime support and companionship for older adults. Day centers provide nutritious meals, social programs, and basic healthcare support.

    There are 5 adult day centers in Raleigh, and you can find a complete list of these centers by visiting the Adult Day Care Facility Listing. You can also contact Resources for Seniors at 919-872-7933 and ask about adult day centers in your area.

    Home Care Services

    Home care services will provide additional healthcare support in the comfort of your own home. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for home care services so that you can get basic nursing assistance without moving to a care facility. Learn more about the types of home care services available in Raleigh from Resources for Seniors.

    Additional Resources

    You can find out more about Medicare Advantage plans and your options for care in Raleigh, NC by contacting these local resources:

    Contact Us

    Are you ready to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan? Call Clear Spring Health at 1-877-364-4566. We’re available from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, and we’ll help you find the right Medicare plan to match your needs.


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