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We develop Medicare Advantage Plans
for people whoknow that life is about living.
A plan that that enables a life well lived.

All our Medicare Advantage plans offer $0 premiums and $0 primary physician copays.
Take prescription drugs? We have you covered. Most plans include $0 Part D deductible.

Medicare Advantage

We design plans with you in mind. Whether you need comprehensive coverage, prescription benefits only, or a specialized plan for serious conditions, we offer options that will give you optimal coverage.

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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans, also referred to as Medicare Part C, are an alternative to Original Medicare and include Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Advantage Plans offer extra benefits such as dental, hearing and over-the-counter benefits that Original Medicare does not cover.

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Medicare Prescription
Drug Plans

Our Part D plans include access to over 30,000 preferred network pharmacies and offer $0 deductibles for Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs on most plans.

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Important Pharmacy Information

On 01/01/2024, OptumRx will become our Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM).


You will receive a new ID card containing the customer service numbers and important information the Pharmacy and PBM will need to serve you in 2024.
Please keep your current ID card until 12/31/2023!

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Request a PDF Directory

Our MAPD Provider Directory includes thousands of primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists across our service area of select counties in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Due to the directory size we recommend using the Provider Search above to more accurately locate the providers in your area. However, if you still prefer a printed copy, please contact Member Services at 1 (877) 364-4566.