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Our Medicare Advantage plans provide you with extra benefits and access to quality doctors and hospitals to maintain your health without digging deeper into your retirement savings.

Extra benefits may include*:

  • $75 – $95 monthly for Over-the-Counter
  • $100 – $125 monthly for Groceries
  • $75 monthly for Utilities
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*benefits vary by plan. A completed health risk assessment indicating a qualifying chronic condition is required.

Our Medicare Advantage plans are

available in 5 states:

South Carolina

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Request a PDF Directory

Our MAPD Provider Directory includes thousands of primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists across our service area of select counties in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Due to the directory size we recommend using the Provider Search above to more accurately locate the providers in your area. However, if you still prefer a printed copy, please contact Member Services at 1 (877) 364-4566.

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